Raising your first capital from an institutional Fund can be a daunting process. We are here to help.

2-Part Process

We provide 1-2-1 mentoring and business coaching to get you in the best shape for the raise, before providing warm introductions to only the most suitable Funds. By creating a competitive environment, we can help ensure that you receive the best terms and maximum funding amount and that you are in the best position to utilise the capital for your business growth.

Post funding, our support continues and is free of charge. You are invited to join the CEO Forum, an exclusive peer group of fellow tech entrepreneurs, and our Partners can act as your virtual advisory board to help with ongoing challenges post-funding for the whole of your entrepreneurial journey.

To augment our core service of Series A fund raise, you can further benefit from our Partners’ uniquely comprehensive skills and experience, and unmatched connections through an array of supporting services.

Are you a B2B SaaS business considering raising Series A funding in the next 12 months? Check if you meet our qualification criteria.

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Part 1: The Fundraising Process

As entrepreneurs, we understand what you are going through – and can help you avoid being one of the vast majority of entrepreneurs (9 out of 10) who fail to get the funding they are after. Just as importantly, getting it on the right terms too, by orchestrating the whole process.

  • Start-to-finish support and guidance throughout the fundraising journey
  • Including matching you with relevant, qualified Funds
  • Co-investing personally to underpin our long-term commitment

We ensure all bases are covered in your preparation for the fundraising process, including specialist support in crucial areas such as financial modelling and a credible Go to Market strategy.

After our initial assessment, we identify Funds from our trusted network that match closest to your needs to ensure your time is optimised and not wasted by ‘knocking on the wrong doors’ – a typical fate of many entrepreneurs. We select Funds that not only match your investment needs but can add value as well as be appropriate business partners for the long run. By investing alongside a Fund our Partners are guaranteeing you have ‘smart money’.

Part 2: Spending it Wisely

Whilst fundraising is taxing, once achieved, there is a different challenge: to ensure you spend it wisely and achieve the goals you set out to attract funding in the first place.

As a Client of ScaleUp Group you automatically become a member of the CEO Forum and gain access to our Partners, many of whom will be your shareholders also, who provide their hard-won experience to advise on:

  • Leadership challenges inc. building out both your executive and non-executive team
  • Talent introductions – from their network of people with whom they have worked
  • Operational guidance and studies – ranging from management structures; option plans; commission schemes etc, which come about from scaling up your business

You gain access to an exclusive group of leaders with expertise and a vast amount of experience in areas where you may have none. In other words, you have access to a ‘supercharged Advisory Board’, without the formality or costs associated with such bodies.

Our Partners may also sit on your Board or become your Chairman if that is considered the right move by both parties.