ScaleUp Group X TechNation: ‘Series A’ Workshop

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ScaleUp Group and TechNation joined forces to provide a unique ‘Series A’ workshop for tech founders, seeking to understand the process of institutional fundraising.

This invitation-only event is offered for ‘Rising Stars’ in the TechNation programme and focuses on certain aspects of raising ‘Series A ‘funding specifically for SaaS businesses, which – if not adequately addressed – are ones contributing to the extremely high failure rate of raising such growth funding.


‘Series A’ describes raising a typically £2-million-£5 million growth funding after a company in earlier stages of growth has self-funded and/or had funding from friends/family and/or angels.

‘Series A’ will usually be the first exposure for most entrepreneurs to professional Fund Managers, whose criteria and requirements for information is of a different order to previous investors and unexpected in their intensity. Pre-requisites include having convincing evidence, such as client testimonials; analysts’ endorsements etc of:
—-– The Excellence of the Offering and its USPs
—-– Potential to achieving a realistic share of an addressable market
—-– Management credibility/track record

However, more than the above is required to persuade Funds that the business has attained a level of scalability which is no longer solely dependent upon one or two gifted founders.
Fund managers expect prospective investee companies to be also competent in a number of key areas which are being covered by this Workshop:
—-– SaaS definitions/ratios
—-– Financial readiness inc. detailed Financial Model(s)
—-– Sales and Marketing readiness
—-– Go to Market Strategy

This event is invitation only. If you are interested in participating in an upcoming workshop, please get in touch here.

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