ScaleUp Group Signs New Client: TrustPortal

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ScaleUp Group is delighted to announce that it has been retained by TrustPortal to obtain the next phase of Funding for its expansion plans.

TrustPortal is a true “hyper-automation” platform, supporting people with leading digital, RPA and AI technologies to digitise and automate any process. TrustPortal enables staff to be far more productive and provide far better services to customers, resulting in greater satisfaction levels and lower costs. TrustPortal is core to one of the largest RPA installations globally, at Telefonica in Spain, where 18,000 operatives use it in a 3-shift system and around 70% of the tasks were automated, reducing the time taken by on average 50%.

Other clients inc. EDF, IBM, MetLife, Bell Canada & Fidelity International.

Exclusively sold via reseller partners, TrustPortal started out as a solely Blue Prism platform and has been their Partner of the Year for the last 3 years. In October 2020 ‘Service Assist’ was announced as a solution being sold through Blue Prism itself. Other partners inc. Accenture, AWS, EY & IBM and 20 others.

Chris Lamberton (pictured), founder/CEO of TrustPortal and an early champion of RPA technology said “ I have been working with ScaleUp Group since earlier this year when several of their members participated in my crowdfunding raise. I have appreciated their advice and feedback on a number of scaling up aspects. Since then I have appointed our first-ever Chief Revenue Officer and more recently a CFO- introduced to me by ScaleUp Group.

My goal now is, with their advice and guidance, to drive TrustPortal to the next level and for TrustPortal to be seen as the leading multi-RPA enterprise hyper-automation platform – and can operate globally to ‘deliver better work, smarter’ across any enterprise.”

John O’Connell (pictured), founder and executive Chairman of ScaleUp Group said  “TrustPortal’s growth – revenues having increased tenfold in 2 years – is to be underpinned by a Series A round which we will obtain for them. This will enable the company to add resources in a number of areas, both here in the UK and internationally so as to closely support its ever-expanding Partner channels.”

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