ScaleUp Group Signs New Client, Certino

Certino offers a cloud-based shadow payroll platform that simplifies the tax management of employees working internationally by calculating the appropriate tax and social security liabilities (in the host location) to be submitted to the host country authorities, whilst the employee continues to be paid from the home country payroll.

With approximately 8 million people globally on assignment or working remotely at any one time, there is significant pressure on companies who look to their Shadow Payroll service provider to ensure there is no liability being built up by miscalculating what the host country expects

Certino is on its way to becoming the world’s first SPaaS (“Shadow Payroll as a Service”) solution, using the latest secure, API-first, 100% cloud technology. This enables providers of Shadow Payroll services to plug in real-time, accurate shadow payroll calculations into their existing solutions whilst retaining total ownership of the end-customer experience.

SUG Executive Chairman, John O’Connell commented: “Certino offers a much-needed service which even the largest organisations globally have found very difficult to handle in-house. We are delighted that we have been retained by Certino to obtain funding to accelerate their already impressive high growth.”

Certino CEO, Richard McBride added: “Certino is fortunate to be working with some household names and we are seeking funding to enable us to grow by accelerating the onboarding of existing clients and bringing on new clients from our pipeline. We have been impressed by SUG’s experience, connections and the practical approach they bring and are delighted to be working with them.

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