ScaleUp Group Partners Fund Coriolis Bridge Round

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ScaleUp Group (SUG) is delighted to have supported Coriolis Technology’s bridge funding round in the lead up to their Series A fund raise.

SUG Partners exclusively funded the £400k bridge round, showing their confidence in the trade finance organisation’s business model.

Coriolis Technologies is on the mission to streamline global trade and make it more sustainable, helping banks and businesses navigate impending regulations with automated, independent and scalable technology.

The only automated ESG scoring product in the market currently, Coriolis is using a combination of technology, tools and techniques that harness vast amounts of data on a global basis, which helps simplifying the complexities of Global Trade making it more ‘frictionless’ and ensuring regulatory compliance. By facilitating supply chain transparency it is also measuring each trade’s ESG impact.

Dr Rebecca Harding Founder and CEO of Coriolis an acknowledged expert in this field has stated in her most recent newsletter ‘ The latest thinking around sustainability is starting to put many critical aspects of ESG measurement into the “too difficult” box. In a world of Big Data and technology, saying something cannot, or should not, be measured is complacent, inexcusable and irresponsible, even if the journey is long.
With regulators applying pressure on companies to disclose more detail on ESG performance, quantitative ways of analysing the impact of trade finance activities are vital in achieving regional and international sustainability targets.
Measuring ESG is now a must-have and not a nice-to-have.’

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