ScaleUp Group Announces Partner Services

Scaling a tech business is a challenge in the good times. Now with economies struggling it is even more testing. To help our clients on their journey, we are delighted to be offering an array of supporting services, in addition to our core activity of obtaining growth capital for them.

To do this we are harnessing our Partners’ incredibly wide and comprehensive skills and experience, plus their awesome connections.  


Our range of Partner Services offers the benefits of:-

– Greater confidence in selecting the right person when looking to fill important management roles
– Boosting personal capabilities to achieve full potential
– Underpinning decisions regarding strategic directions by well-researched insights
– Ensuring financial robustness and capacity to support the business currently and in the future
– Reinforcing a go-to-market strategy with qualified introductions to relevant channel partners
and finally
– Maximising the return for your entrepreneurial achievements when it comes to an exit.

7 Services Streams


1. Introductions to management talent, ranging from Chairman of the Board downwards, with whom we have worked and are therefore able to endorse.

2. Search  – A dedicated service where we identify specific individuals for consideration by our clients in ‘C’ level roles, from a specialist, dedicated practitioner.

3. Executive coaching – across multiple areas including Leadership; Sales & Marketing; Business Development and Financial Management.

4. Financial Oversight – A full assessment of your current position and what would be needed to support any planned expansion or otherwise


5. Research  – Deep into markets and trends by industry-acknowledged experts.

6. Partner Introductions – Matching your route to market criteria with relevant organisations who would welcome including your offering as part of their portfolio

7. Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions – For both buying other businesses and selling your own.

The above, results-oriented, services will be provided by our Equity Partners in ScaleUp Group. They know our clients and have themselves been entrepreneurs and/or successful executives in high-growth technology businesses.  

Our services are tailored for each client and are provided on a full-time, part-time, interim, or another basis, to match requirements as well as budget and timing.

John O’Connell, Founder and Executive Chairman of ScaleUp Group commented:

Securing growth funding for our clients is the start for them of a new phase, many of whom are first-time CEOs and are scaling up for the first time also – two challenges in one.  Having to create a first board and/or management team is quite daunting.
To date, we have placed 17 C-level executives for 10 of our clients – inc. 7 Chairs; 3 Chief Revenue Officers; 3 Regional Heads; 2 CTOs and 2 CFOs – all of whom have been known to us beforehand, massively reducing the risk of a costly mismatch.
“Up to now, ScaleUp Group may have been guilty of not being so proactive as we might have been in tapping into the awesome capabilities and connections of our 33 partners, which we will now be harnessing for the benefit of our clients.”

Our clients have said:

“ScaleUp Group has materially helped me and my fellow board colleagues in our transformation from a service-led Back Office Optimisation Solutions provider to a high growth cloud-based global SaaS business – including initiating the introduction of our Global Sales Director plus our two Chairman to date are Partners in ScaleUp Group.” – Richard Jeffery, Group CEO and Co-Founder of ActiveOps.

“By only having me meet well-qualified prospective backers, ScaleUp Group has helped us navigate through the venture capital world to fuel expansion plans for our business. They also helped me navigate the transition to building and working with a formal board of directors, including introducing our Chairman – a Partner in ScaleUp Group.”  Matthew Elson, CEO of Evotix.

For further information, in the first instance please contact
Barbara Ravens

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