CEO Forum Provides Priceless Insights 

Scaleup Group's CEO forum facilitates a one-of-a-kind peer-network for business discussions.

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As part of the unique services and commitment ScaleUp Group provides to clients post-funding, the ScaleUp Group CEO Forum offers a confidential collaborative space where priceless insights and knowledge from the ScaleUp Group ecosystem can be shared and discussed to develop best practice.

Scaleup CEOs have discussed insights and the different approaches to key topics such as:
            – COVID
            – Customer Success
            – People engagement
            – Go-To-Market – UK/Europe/US/RoW
            – Product management
            – Remuneration

Peter Baumann, CEO of ActiveNav describes the ScaleUp Group CEO forum as "a unique opportunity to share and discuss business issues with peers."
David Griffiths, CEO of Fiscal Technologies describes the ScaleUp Group CEO forum as "fabulous initiative on our key issues superbly facilitated by ScaleUp Gruop."

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