SATAVIA appoints ScaleUp Group as advisors to accelerate growth

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ClimateTech scaleup SATAVIA has appointed ScaleUp Group as advisors to orchestrate their Series A fund raise and finance their expansion plans. The agreement follows initial contact at the Enterprise Awards in April, for which SATAVIA CEO and Founder Dr Adam Durant was a finalist.

Since its formation in 2013, the Cambridge-based technology scaleup has been on a mission to make aviation smarter and greener through industry-leading data analytics and atmospheric modelling.

According to the latest scientific research, aircraft contrails (clouds of ice crystals formed by engine exhaust) account for up to two-thirds of aviation’s climate impact, almost double the impact of direct engine emissions. Until recently, technical and scientific challenges made contrail prevention difficult or impossible. SATAVIA’s pioneering deep tech technology now enables optimised flight planning for contrail prevention, targeting a small minority of flights to eliminate up to 60% of aviation’s climate impact.

SATAVIA’s team combines world-leading expertise in data science and AI, software engineering, aerospace engineering, and atmosphere and climate science. Built on SATAVIA’s DECISIONX platform, their NETZERO product enables greener flight operations by optimising flight plans for contrail prevention and quantifying achieved climate benefit for conversion into tradable carbon credits, in a new offsetting market worth up to $18bn (2019 flight figures).

Etihad Airways is an early adopter of SATAVIA’s NETZERO green aviation solution, undertaking contrail prevention as part of day-to-day commercial aviation. In the lead-up to Earth Day in April 2022, SATAVIA optimised over twenty Etihad flights for contrail prevention, eliminating over 3,250 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) – a climate benefit equivalent to eliminating 100,000 car journeys of 50km each (US emission figures).

CEO and Founder, Dr Adam Durant said “We’re delighted to be working with ScaleUp Group to take our company forward into Series A, building on our existing success to scale our offering across the aviation industry and create a new multi-billion dollar market in tradable carbon credits. We look forward to a close collaboration as we continue to develop our innovative team and ground-breaking tech.

John O’Connell Founder and Executive Chairman of ScaleUp Group commented “Adam and his colleagues have now demonstrated the practicability of applying their sophisticated state-of-the-art technology to real-life situations when aircrew can adapt their schedules either in advance or even in flight to avoid the worst environmental impact of commercial aviation. We look forward to engaging with ‘green funds’ so that SATAVIA can make their proven contribution to saving the planet available to a wider audience.”

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