Mark Farrer-Brown

Mark Farrer-Brown

Sector Focus: Founder coach focusing on ambitious scale up tech leaders Business angel focusing on seed and beyond in tech, climate, and life sciences


Mark is a founder and team coach focusing on fast-growing tech businesses. He is a co-founder of various businesses in the UK and India. Previously, he was a venture capital and private equity partner raising over £2 billion in debt and equity and being involved in a number of double-digit multiple exits.  He continues to invest as an angel investor achieving two exits of over £500m.

Mark’s mission as a Founders’ Coach is to help one million entrepreneurs fulfil their own and their company’s potential.
Through Fit to Lead, Mark supports high-growth founders with a unique combination of coaching and mentoring by focusing on three key areas; the self, the team, and the company. Mark’s approach is based on 20 years plus experience in the scale up ecosystem and on the observation of the founder’s journey from many different perspectives – as a founder, advisor and venture capitalist.

Working on the self is focused on strengthening the founder’s leadership skills and bolstering their performance sustainably as their business transitions from start-up to scale-up. Mark believes that better energy management + better well-being = better productivity. Working on the team is about igniting the team’s high-performance, creating more productivity, stronger collaboration and better decision making.

And thirdly, working on the company focuses on strategy, culture, communication, board management, fund-raising, business growth, longevity, and the exit.
By targeting the coaching on these three key areas, Fit to Lead empowers founders to grow and learn ahead of the growth curve of their companies. This allows them to transition successfully into thriving leaders.

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