Julian Stone

Speciality: Technology leader, helping companies getting Culture, and Go to Market right.


With two successful exits in software and Professional Services under his belt, Julian concentrates on pivotal elements that empower companies to scale and dominate. Boasting over 35 years in the technology sector, spanning both corporate giants and burgeoning startups, Julian crafts the right strategies to guide entrepreneurs towards optimal results.

His core principles encompass:

  1. Culture: The linchpin differentiating a competent company from an exceptional organization. A robust culture not only dictates team dynamics, innovation, and problem-solving but also impacts how products and services align with user expectations. An uplifting and inclusive culture amplifies creativity, bolsters employee morale, and fosters the adaptability crucial in the constantly shifting tech domain. When members feel esteemed and integrated within a cultural paradigm, they’re predisposed to exhibit motivation, heightened collaboration, and produce solutions attuned to a varied clientele, culminating in both organizational triumph and client gratification.
  2. Innovation: An unyielding pursuit of technological enhancements to better cater to client needs.
  3. Client-Centric Approach: An ethos rooted in the uniqueness of every client.
  4. Integrity: A commitment to unparalleled excellence paired with unwavering transparency.

Julian’s mission is to harness his wealth of expertise to assist organizations in rapid, yet strategic scaling, ensuring the desired outcomes for both the enterprise and its stakeholders. Engaging with Julian and his methodology ignites unparalleled team performance, leading to augmented productivity, cohesive collaboration, and more informed decision-making.

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