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We are dedicated to supporting your growth journey from preparing to raising your first institutional funds to spending it wisely, so that you too become a Global Champion.

Fundraising Process

ScaleUp Group Members are all entrepreneurs who have been through the founding and selling businesses of their own, so we understand what you are going through – and can help you avoid common mistakes and maximise your chances at a successful raise with:

  • Start-to-finish support and guidance throughout the fundraising journey
  • Matching you with relevant, pre-selected Funds

With our combination of expertise, we can ensure you cover all bases in your preparation for fundraising, through specialist support in crucial areas such as financial modelling, sales and marketing readiness.

After a thorough evaluation, we pre-select Funds from our trusted network that match closest with your business and sought funds to ensure no time is wasted on knocking on the wrong doors. Funds that not only match your investment target but that will also be appropriate business partners for the long run.

100% Success Rate to date in securing the desired funds for our clients

Business Development and Coaching

Fundraising can be taxing on your resources. Our goal is help you through the process quicker while minimising the disruption to your business, by providing:

  • Leadership advice
  • Talent introductions
  • Operational guidance and studies

Our clients gain access to an exclusive group of leaders with a valuable network of experts, and a vast amount of experience in building leadership teams.

Our Members also sit on the Board or become Chairmen of many of our client businesses, showing a long-term commitment to support them beyond fundraising.

CEO Forum

Series A funding is just the beginning of your growth journey and we are committed to also supporting you in what comes after. Our clients have exclusive access to:

  • Our membership of accomplished entrepreneurs
  • SUG Ecosystem
  • CEO Handbook (90+ pages)
  • CEO-only peer group

The CEO Forum is specifically designed to support your continuous growth and spend the secured funds in the best way for your business.

Beyond an open access to our expert network, our ever-growing CEO Handbook encapsulates our knowledge and experience to serve as your guide.

Our CEO peer-group meets regularly to share and discuss ideas, challenges, and best practices in a confidential setting. Frequently accompanied with a presentation from our Members on specialist subjects, the CEO Forum is a unique platform for valuable feedback and support to help you stay ahead of the competition.


The ScaeUp Group CEO Forum is a fabulous initiative allowing unfettered discussion on our key issues - superbly facilitated by ScaleUp Group


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