Partner Profile: Alan Laing

Alan has been in the technology industry for 30 years and has extensive experience in leading and managing tech organisations. He is currently Managing Director of IFS and Non-Executive Chairman of ScaleUp Group Client, Fiscal Technologies.

Alan’s started his career as a lawyer having graduated in law from Edinburgh University. He practised as a Solicitor for a number of years, specialising in Mergers and Acquisitions, and also studied German Law and practised for a period in Dusseldorf. He then began a career in IT with Digital Equipment Corporation where he worked in the UK and Asia Pac based in Hong Kong.

Prior to working at IFS, Alan joined Sage as Executive Vice President for Partners and Alliances globally, where he later became the Managing Director of Sage UK and Executive Vice president Northern Europe.

Alan has also held a number of leadership and Executive roles in Acronis, Avaya, Portal Software – now part of Oracle – where he has spent 14 years in a number of roles in several countries.

Alan and his family share their time between London and Dublin. He is passionate about sport, rugby in particular and helps raise money for grass roots rugby in Scotland.

Alan joined ScaleUp Group in 2018, contributing his vast knowledge and experience in technology and leadership to our mission to help our clients reach their full potential and become the next Global Champions.

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