UK is the Top ScaleUp Country in Europe – Tech Nation Report

The Tech Nation Report for 2019 was published on 17th March 2020 and presented some very encouraging news on how the UK tech industry is #scaling .. the key highlights in numbers :
Top scaling country in Europe:
  • £10.1bn raised, 2019 – UK is 3rd in the world for VC investment
  • 95 companies valued $250-$800m
  • 77 unicorns
  • Manchester fastest-growing tech city in Europe
  • ‍ 2.93m employed
  • Tech sector GVA grew x6 faster than UK economy as a whole – £104bn to £149bn – 43% in 8 years.
 ScaleUp Group (SUG) Executive Director, Paul Excell said “The performance and opportunities provided by the UK Tech in 2019 is fantastic news and we’re delighted to have played a small part with the brilliant members of our portfolio.” He continued … “We obviously live in difficult times with the global impact of COVID-19 but, during and after the current crisis, ScaleUp Group will be continuing to help UK Tech companies to successfully and sustainably grow – we remain committed to our mantra of #GrowingGlobalChampions.”
The excellent Tech Nation report can be found here.

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