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Scaling Up to Exiting: Milestones in a Tech Entrepreneur’s Journey

Scaling Up to Exiting: Milestones in a Tech Entrepreneur’s Journey

Embarking on a journey from scaling up to exiting? Hear insights from seasoned entrepreneurs, savvy investors, and expert advisers.

If you’re a budding tech entrepreneur, having navigated the start-up phase, this seminar is your compass to navigate the complexities of next stage growth and success.

We’ll uncover the key do’s and don’ts that pave the way to triumph in the dynamic world of tech entrepreneurship. Gain invaluable wisdom, actionable strategies, and exclusive insider tips that propel you towards your business goals. Topics will include:

  • Tech Industry Trends
  • The State of Growth Funding in the UK
  • Series A: Securing the Right Deal from the Right Investor
  • Series B & Beyond: Strategies for Continued Success
  • Exiting vs. IPO: Making Informed Decisions
  • Life After Funding: Pluralism and Financial Management

Our lineup of speakers boasts industry leaders from Frog Capital, Octopus Ventures, TechMarketView, Clue Software, Silverpeak, Finch Capital, and some of our own esteemed entrepreneur Partners who have successfully navigated this journey themselves.

Don’t miss your chance to chart a course toward entrepreneurial excellence.

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