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Meet the Money: Angel and Series A Fundraising

An event by the Chairman’s Network.

“Meet the Money- Angel and Series A”-Co-Hosted by Richard Hargreaves (Angel) and John O’Connell from ScaleUp Group (Series A)

15 minutes presentation each followed by 1 hour Q&A


Richard- What do Angel Investors look for in an investment?

  • Richard will talk about business angel investing as a very brief summary of his book on the subject
  • Angels are a vital link between self-funding a venture and raising large sums of venture capital
  • Angels can make money but it is not easy
  • To make money there are important rules to follow which will be discussed

Richard Hargreaves studied engineering at Cambridge and then Imperial College.  He later joined ICFC (now 3i plc) which was the principal source of long term capital for UK private companies until the late 1980s. He left to start Baronsmead plc and became actively involved in the growth of the venture capital industry through the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA), where he became Chairman. At the BVCA, he saw the birth of the VCT.

He later co-founded Endeavour Ventures Ltd, which invests in young technology companies for its client base of high net worth individuals.  He retired from Endeavour in 2018 to focus on being a professional business angel investing only in B2B software-driven opportunities.

Richard has nearly 50 years of experience investing in young companies and helping them grow. He is an experienced non-executive director and professional business angel with significant understanding of the US market.


John- What do Series A investment firms look for?

  • The vast majority of entrepreneurs fail to obtain the Series A funding they are after
  • this is despite there being a ‘wall of money‘ available
  • funds are getting pickier
  • do’s and don’ts of ‘pitching’ will be discussed.

John O’Connell has gone from being a successful entrepreneur – a Unicorn before the term existed- to the ‘dark side’ as an investor and is now leading an advisory firm and an investor club ScaleUp Group which he founded to help ‘Grow Global Champions’ from the UK, focused on obtaining Series A funding and post-funding ‘after care’.

This year he personally has had two exits for a 10x return each time.


Join us for what should prove a fun and engaging conversation around Angel and Series A- as an investor and/or if your Boards are looking for funding.

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