Enterprise Awards £30k Raised and Donated to Ukraine Fund

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Guests and sponsors of the 2022 Enterprise Awards helped raise c. £30k at this year’s Awards Dinner last month, donated to HealthRight International, a global health and human rights organization operating directly in Ukraine.

The funds have been put to use right away, and we are pleased to present a snapshot of how the amount has supported the efforts of the organisation in providing health aid in the ongoing conflict.

Thanks to these donations, the charity was able to scale up their mobile teams and add a lawyer and a nurse to the existing team of 3, made up of a psychologist and two social workers. They also extended the services to offer medical first aid services and added 5 shelters to the existing ones.

Read below for the summary of HealthRight’s May Impact Report.

HealthRight Impact Report in Ukraine – May 2022

Crisis Mobile Teams

40 teams in Western & Central Ukraine and 13 in Eastern Ukraine that aided in 30,001 violence cases and provided humanitarian and psychological support

Displacement Centers

Supporting 84 government-run centres by providing counselling services for 2,929 women and 1,676 children & legal assistance to 1,323 men and 2,727 women.

Child Protection

Barnahus Center: A childcare centre site used for humanitarian aid disbursement; 8 tons of essential supplies were distributed SupportME: 184 adolescents obtained psychological support and 36 received online medical advice from a paediatrician via crisis hotline

Safewomen Hub

Launched a virtual platform to enhance safety, security, and mental health for women & girls; we aim to reach 10,000+ displaced women.

Healthright Service Center

Shift to remote crisis support services provided to 266 women, 1 man, 22 adolescents, and 4 families that have been repatriated from Syria.

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