Coriolis Technologies appoints ScaleUp Group as advisers to accelerate its growth

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Coriolis Technologies is on a mission to make Global Trade more sustainable. It has appointed ScaleUp Group as advisers to obtain growth capital to capitalise on its pioneering ESG work, by scaling up its operations.

Coriolis addresses 3 key problems in global trade: firstly, it is tracked unclearly, secondly, it is processed inefficiently using disparate methods and thirdly, the previously unsolved challenge, of scoring it against sustainability goals. In addition, trade finance is not easily available to SMEs.

The Coriolis solution is two-fold: facilitating supply chain transparency and bridging the ‘trade finance gap for SMEs’. This is accomplished through a combination of technology, tools and techniques that simplify the complexities of global trade whilst achieving regulatory compliance and doing this at a radically lower cost.

Founder and CEO, Dr. Rebecca Harding is an acknowledged subject matter expert in Trade Finance/ access for SMEs and related topics. She has written 11 books, published 200+ articles and has been regularly featured in the national media. Her achievements also secured her the Net Zero Entrepreneur of the Year award at the 2022 Enterprise Awards last month.

Dr. Rebecca Harding said “Coriolis Technologies believes that collaboration is key to successful and applicable ESG and sustainability assessments. Working with the ScaleUp Group is a fantastic opportunity to profile our solutions and work with key figures in the innovation space. Our goal is ultimately to provide an open and equal platform so that all players in the trade industry can succeed, especially SMEs and those in developing economies. ScaleUp Group understands this and can offer unique advice and support to help Coriolis Technologies achieve its true potential.”

John O’Connell Founder and Executive Chairman of ScaleUp Group commented “Coriolis is trailblazing the sometimes impenetrable world of tracking global trade and the finance for it, plus making sure it is sourced sustainably by scoring it against internationally recognised criteria. On top of this, it is making trade finance accessible to the vast number of SMEs who currently do not have access to it. Having invested the last 4 years in developing a high performant scalable technology platform, we are delighted to be securing growth capital for Coriolis to facilitate their impact globally in due course.”

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