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We help B2B SaaS scaleups secure Series A funding on the best terms, from the right investment partner for the best results.

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We get results

Over £2.5 million investment from SUG Partners in Client businesses
50 Million
Clients raised over £50 million Series A growth capital
100% success rate in securing offers for our Series A Clients

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Our Mission

… is to help technology entrepreneurs reach their goals by enabling their ambitions through Series A funding on the best terms, from the right investment partner, with advice from our network of experts.

…are established entrepreneurs, who have successfully navigated through founding, growing, and selling businesses of their own dedicated to helping you become the next Global Champion.

We Support You

…through our unique 2-part process: orchestrating the Series A funding process through a start to completion support, and helping you spend it wisely with our post-funding support, including in leadership challenges, recruitment and more.

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